Welcome to our new initiative, which will benefit all the farmers from all around the world. A very tough decade passed in the field of agriculture, with none of them standing important like the rising prices of fertilizer, which is a serious threat to the very livelihood of the world’s farmers. The cost of agriculture continues to rise, and this makes it hard for farmers to hold onto the profit, putting their bottom line under great pressure. Our CSR initiative looks forward to providing plausible solutions that will help alleviate the burden on farmers and take forward sustainability in the practice exercised in agriculture.

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Fertilizer List

Commercial NameStrengthEfcacyEfciencyType
SilicaMax BoostHighEnhancedHighSilica-Rich
BioStim Vitality PlusMediumStimulatingMediumOrganic Biostimulant
NutriBoost EliteHighBalancedHighNPK with Enhanced Micronutrients
SilicaGuard FortifyMediumResilientHighSilica-Rich
BioGrowth PlusMediumRobustMediumOrganic Biostimulant
NutriVital ProHighComprehensiveHighNPK with Enhanced Micronutrients
SilicaStrengthen PlusMediumStrengtheningHighSilica-Rich
BioBoost ResilienceMediumResilientHighOrganic Biostimulant
NutriMax PrecisionHighOptimalHighNPK with Enhanced Micronutrients
SilicaShield VitalizeMediumFortifyingHighSilica-Rich