Personal Protective Equipment

As a result of Covid 19, Blue Panda Capital, jump- started a PPE division earlier this year in order to fulfill the market supply gap for PPE.

Our partners are known for integrity, professionality and precision. We work closely with an excellent network of reputable PPE suppliers, mainly in ASEAN, and represent buyers from North America, UK, Europe, Asia and on a case-by-case basis from other regions such as recently Colombia.

We ensure that our clients receive the optimal price, quality and quantity required and can also offer logistics services should you require cost, insurance and freight (CIF) pricing.

Kindly contact one of our partners via the link below.

BPC is active in the agriculture, education and biosciences industries for the global market.


There is great potential in basic necessities such as cash crops, food supplies, animal feed, and fertilizers. Almost all developing and developed countries focus on a specific commodity type for trade.

BPC Partners invested in a novel technology that improves fertilizer efficiency and output by no less than 200%

A versatile nano fertilizer solution is created to deliver nutrients to any plants or trees for better cells viability, improved health condition and immunity against infection, better nutrient uptake and amazing yield.

New investment is possible for market development and new brand creation with a new business solution for high value cash crops.